Oliver and Company (1988)

Set in the streets of New York City, young Oliver is a kitten left in a cardboard box.  He is rescued by the Dodger (Billy Joel) a street-wise dog, who gives him a few pointers and then is going to leave him.  Oliver is not as easy to shake though and follows Dodger home.  There he meets the rest of the “family”; a motley crew of dogs who specialize in pick-pocketing.  Their leader is Fagin (Dom DeLuise) a man up to his neck in debt to Bill Sykes.  In the middle of “a job” Oliver is rescued by a rich little girl named Jenny.  It seems like he’s found a perfect home; except for Sykes, who will get his money one way or another.

Also featuring the voices of Bette Midler as the jealous and vain Poodle Georgette and Cheech Marin as Tito a Chihuahua.

1hr. 13min.

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