Trolls Band Together (2023)

When Branchs’ (Justin Timberlake) long lost brother suddenly shows up and tells him they must reunite their other estranged brothers to rescue another brother, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) is more than eager to help him on his quest. Along the way lessons about family and forgiveness are learned, in this colorful and hilarious romp.

1hr. 31min.

Elemental (2023)

When Ember and Wade meet, they couldn’t be any more different. She’s from a working class family that have come from a far away land to find their dreams. His family is well to do and haven’t had to struggle like Embers’. Also, she’s fire and he’s water, literally. How the two navigate a relationship that by all accounts could never work, is a heartfelt message about love, sacrifice and family.

1hr. 42min.

The Super Mario Brothers movie (2023)

When struggling plummers Mario and his brother Luigi are suddenly transported (via a mysterious green tube) to a land mostly populated by mushroom people and somewhat violent turtles, they find themselves caught in the middle of a rampaging character named Bowser who will stop at nothing to claim the hand of the lovely Princess Peach.

1hr. 32min.

Puss in Boots: the Last Wish (2022)

When devil-may-care living Puss is suddenly told he is down to the last of his 9 lives, he decides to find a legendary star that has fallen to earth and obtain it’s one wish to give him more time. Along the way he runs into some old acquaintances and makes new friends and starts to reexamine his life in this often hilarious and touching tale.

1hr. 40min.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

In this classic fairytale beautiful young Snow White innocently runs afoul of her vain and jealous stepmother; an evil queen who will stop at nothing to be the “fairest maid in the land”. After fleeing for her life Snow White finds refuge with the kindly seven dwarfs, but it’s not long before the Queen tracks her down with another sinister plan.

Walt Disneys’ original masterpiece paved the way for many more classic films with its groundbreaking animation, memorable characters and timeless music.

1hr. 23min.

The Boss Baby 2; Family Business (2021)

Tim and Ted Templeton are all grown up now and Tim has a happy family, but he can’t help feel a little at a loss with the more materially successful Ted. The two have drifted apart over the years, so when Tims’ youngest (baby Tina) reveals herself to be a part of Baby Corp and needs Tim and Ted to work together again on a mission, Tim jumps at the chance. The two brothers must put aside their differences and heal old hurts in order to save the day.

1hr. 47min.

Minions: the Rise of Gru (2022)

The origins of Gru and his minions are further explored in this film set in the 1970s, where a preteen Gru has dreams of becoming a supervillain. It seems to him that his overly helpful minions are spoiling his chances, but in a sudden turn of events it’s soon apparent that the minions just might be the only ones that can save Gru.

With an all star cast and a soundtrack of memorable period songs, this hilarious installment in the Despicable Me franchise was well worth the wait.

1hr. 27min.

Wallace & Gromit; the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2006)

Inventor Wallace and his sidekick Gromit have invented an ingenious device in order to catch the rabbits that plague the gardens of their little village.  When a mysterious beast known as the Were-Rabbit appears in the town causing even more destructions the villagers want a stop put to it.  It all comes to a head the night of their annual vegetable competition, when its up to Gromit to save the vegetables AND the Were-Rabbit.

1hr. 25min.