The Love Letter (1998)

When historian Scott (Campbell Scott) impulsively buys an antique civil war era writing desk, his fiance thinks he’s a little crazy.  Later, while cleaning the desk he finds in a hidden compartment a love letter written by a lonely poet Elizabeth (Jennifer Jason Leigh) from over a hundred years before.  Inspired by the beauty and longing in her letter he writes back and with a little help from his free-spirit mother (she supplies him with authentic paper, ink and stamp) the letter finds it’s way to Elizabeth.  Knowing they will never be able to meet, they continue writing to each other.  Then, the impossible happens in this poignant romance.

1hr. 39min.

People Will Talk (1951)

Cary Grant plays an unorthodox doctor named Noah, who feels that to really help a patient is not just about the physical aspect, but simply showing that you care.  His success is the reason behind the jealous actions of a fellow physician (Hume Cronyn), who maliciously digs into Noah’s past.  Jeanne Crain plays the unmarried expectant mother, that Noah saves from a suicide attempt, falls in love with and marries.

1hr. 50min.

Made for Each Other (1939)

Jimmy Stewart and Carol Lombard star in this touching drama, that tells the story of the first year of a couple’s marriage.  A whirlwind courtship starts things off as the couple must then contend with the grooms crotchety mother, the birth of a son and trouble at work.  Things come to the breaking point on New Years Eve, then a near tragedy just might bring them all together.

Most popular with her screwball comedies, Lombard proves here that she could handle drama as well.

1hr. 34min.


Bachelor Mother (1939)

Ginger Rogers and David Niven star in this “comedy of errors”.  Recently unemployed Polly Parrish (Rogers) is mistakenly believed to have abandoned a baby (because of being let go from her job).  There’s a simple explanation (of course) but nobody believes her.  Things get more complicated when the son (Niven) of her boss is suspected of being the father.  It’s one hilarious complication after another in this ultimately touching comedy.

1hr. 31min.

Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)

This film stars Debbie Reynolds as the title character.  Tammy is a girl living in the backwoods of Mississippi with her Grandpa (Walter Brennan) who’s a “sort of, on again off again, preacher”.  Into their lives crashes (he literally crashes his small airplane) Peter (Leslie Nielsen).  They rescue him and while she nurses him back to health, Tammy finds herself falling in love.  After Peter leaves them, she has to track him down when her Grandpa is arrested for making “corn liquor”.  Peter’s family agree to let her stay with them until Grandpa is released and it isn’t long before Tammy has them looking at their lives in a whole new light.

The Academy Award nominated title song “Tammy”, reached #1 on all the charts in 1957.

1hr. 29min.

Spellbound (1945)

When young up-and-coming pychiatrist Constance (Ingrid Bergman) meets Dr. Anthony (Gregory Peck) she is immediatly drawn to him. As their romance blossoms Constance begins to notice somthing is not quite right with Anthony.  The more she questions him she begins to realizes he’s not only, not who he seems to be, but he doesn’t have any memory of who he is.  It’s an intriguing psychological mystery that unfolds as the two race to solve a murder and solve the riddles of the human mind.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this film won the Academy Award for Best Score and features the intense dream sequence by Salvador Dali.

1hr. 51min.

The Clock (1945)

A young soldier (Robert Walker), far from home, is given a 48hr furlough in NYC.  Almost as soon as he gets off the train in Grand Central Station, he literally get’s tripped over by a young stenographer (Judy Garland).  There is an immediate attraction between the two and as circumstances keep pulling them back to each other, they end up spending almost the entire 48hrs together; seeing the city and falling in love.

One of the few films that Judy Garland made at the height of her career that wasn’t a musical, this film is full of charm, humor and romance.

1hr. 31min.

Roman Holiday (1953)

William Wyler directed Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in this poignant story about a modern day princess.  On a goodwill campaign across Europe that makes a stop in Rome, Ann (Hepburn) is overcome with the pressures of her position and decides to run away and have a holiday for herself.  There she meets a smooth American reporter (Peck), who knowing her identity suggests a day of fun for her (all the while getting the story of his career).  The scoop becomes less important to him, as he falls in love.

Audrey Hepburn won the Academy Award for her breakout performance that launched her career.

1hr. 58min.

Penny Serenade (1941)

Told in flashbacks as Julie (Irene Dunne) listens to a set of beloved records, the story follows the courtship and marriage of Julie and Roger (Cary Grant).  Their life seems set to follow fun and adventure as Rogers journalism career takes them to Japan, but when an earthquake causes Julie to not only miscarry but also be unable to have any children of their own, their lives take a more serious turn.  Their attempts to adopt a child are met with difficulty and then eventual success.  The two must go through the joys and heartbreak of parenthood in this humorous and poignant tale.

One of Cary Grants early dramatic films, he was nominated for an Academy Award.

1hr. 59min.

An Affair to Remember (1957)

In 1957 Leo McCarey remade his 1939 classic ‘Love Affair’.  This time around he chose for his leads Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  The story tells of their shipboard romance, that leads the two to (wanting to test the strength of their love) want to meet in 6 months at the top of the Empire State Building.  Getting their lives togethar in the meantime, they both anticipate a happy ending, but they come to learn that “the course of true love never did run smooth”.

Always one to let his actors improvise during filming, Leo McCarey’s parring of Grant and Kerr proved a stroke of genius in this romantic/comedy/drama.

1hr. 58min.